Yüksel ÖZER

Company Profile :
Ozer Textile is a leading jacquard mattress ticking manufacturer and has a 35 years experience in textile industry.

Products Range :
We are manufacturing and selling mattress ticking under the dreamart trademark. Our basic products are; polyester - Polypropylene mixtured fabrics, cotton mixtured fabrics, viscose - polipropilen mixtured fabrics, viscone - cotton mixtured fabrics, knit-like fabrics. There are several finishing types can be applied such as flame retardancy, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial. By the way we are coating the fabrics from the backside by soft or hard coating metarial for to give an adventege to our customers in their mattress manu factiring process. Also we can offer calendered and loom finish types up to their requirements.

Company Vision :
To be the major mattress ticking manufaturer of the world by developing with our customers whose are serving to mattress industry.